About us

Meerstone Photography features the work of Martin Roe. Martins photographic skills  developed when he discovered a fairly novel way to take low level aerial photographs for his work as an archaeologist. This was using both kites and poles to lift a camera giving unusual and unique perspectives. It was very quickly obvious that this kind of aerial photography was capable of producing stunning images with an inherent aesthetic quality. Therefore it had a potential audience beyond the archaeological world. 

Total immersion in these techniques for three years led to finely honed skills. Firstly the technical skills needed to get the camera in the right place and correctly set for the conditions. Secondly the skill to recognise a potentially interesting image. Having developed this eye for an image Martin has now applied himself to more conventional ground based photography, although this has also seen him going to the opposite end of the scale from aerial photography, developing an interest in close-up and macro photography. Like the aerial images the macro images produce a representation of everyday objects from an unfamiliar  viewpoint, at an unfamiliar scale. The viewer therefore has their conception of the world challenged. 

Martins journey into photography is documented in his book A Different Perspective.

Martin is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire where he lives with his wife Anna and son Thomas.